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Consistent approach to saving images used for image and signal processing in microscopy?

I wish I had known how much work I created for myself by using images from different programs, different ppi, different RGB, CMYK, grayscale, and dimensions.  A little standardization in my approach would have made getting the data much easier. A word to the “wise”.

My images were from so many sources, so many were pixelated, low contrast, warped, screenshots from publications, and general inconsistent in quality, and made by different microscopes, and different microscopic techniques.  A polyglot for sure.


Wow, NASA can get signals and guide instruments from a billion miles away, but my Logitec wireless mouse can’t survive 4 months sending signals for 10 inches.

Verge of a Dream: Absorbed

And once the hours
Walking beside
The creek
Are complete,
I can read to you,
or dostoyevsky
In a fine light
I don’t care.
can you read
to me
the little prince
in our winged chairs.
Stopping, not from
weariness or
Except, better to
the vines of
queen elizabeth,
for needing
the quiet
rest of bed.
At another time
offering to
a mother,
a child,
the hope
someday, of
serenity’s nest.
And like you,
Saturday, the
night also’s
favorite as a
rain about us,
and private
we can be
in safety, for all
danger is bowed
in place,
with schemes
confused until the
shielding rain
is done, unmindful,
in its soft

RLB 09-10-2022