Peak counts of a single surfactant protein D molecule (an AFM image): signal processing programs: scipy.signal

I used a lot of settings with this scipy app (scipy signal find peaks)(made for me by Daniel Miller from online resources and libraries) which allowed settings of “prominence” “distance”  “width”   “threshold”  and “height”.  See below. The image of a surfactant protein D dodecamer has been in this blog dozens of times. I used (image processing = either a 5 or 10 px gaussian blur, and on half the images i used an additional filter –  limitrange (100-255)- using Gwyddion. Image processing was applied before signal processing (gaussian blur of 5 px or 10 px, and limitrange. The image processing programs are listed below. The whole dataset comprised 10 dodecamers (thus 20 hexameric arms).