all models are wrong, but some are useful

“all models are wrong, but some are useful”

i think penned by George Box??? love it, certainly is relevant for all the plots of surfactant protein D trimers and dodecamers I have made, there is not really one model that i feel is really good (out of six models, chosen from different contributors, Github, Scipy, Octave (ipeak-M80.m and autofindpeaks, xy) and an excel spreadsheet function by Tom O’Haver called PeakValleyDetectionTemplate.xlsx, and just my own observations). None really do what I think they should, and more importantly, i let them do it without my changing the basic functions to get what i think should be the number of peaks per trimer. This is in an attempt to understand them, and to be unbiased.
The usefulness all of the plots i have made can only be determined by the reliability of the data and value it might have in determining the molecular structure of trimers (and hexamers) of surfactant protein D.  Some may find it pedestrian, i find it very informative since the general outcome is that my eyes were just as good as these apps……!!!