Infochasm: the exceedingly great distance in knowledge, comprehension and terminology between two scientists, which increases in proportion to their lousy communication skills.

inforchasm is the depth of the division between scientists and their fields

This is an awesome new word created by “moi”. Perhaps infochasms exist in all vocations, that is, the linguistic nuances of new and repurposed words used to describe specific items in a specific field. “speaking in tongues” perhaps, or analagous to the language problems of “Babel”. 

When I speak to my colleages, even those with whom I have published scientific papers in good journals, I find they don’t really understand me or my “points” and I don’t really understand them and their field, not because of the complexity of concepts, but mostly because of the additional definitions that words gain over time, the infinite amount of information available, and because of word useage, order, definitions and language nuances.