Peak widths from image and signal processed plots of SP-D

This is the beginning of width and height counts for the summation of numerous measures of many image and signal processed plots for a single dodecamer. (see previous posts) and image of the actual dodecamer at the end of this post – a guide to labels and names used in the summaries).

Starting with the width of the N terminal peak which is a junction of four N terminal domains from each of four trimers, thus 12 parts. Results in nm (calculated from the bar marker in the original image).

No variation here in the width of the N term peak regardless of how one measures it. It appears that going from one side to the other within the context of each arm shows an even and regular arrangement of the three trimeric N’s.  When measured individually, the same results appears. Some of my original counts did NOT include a tiny peak on either side of the N term juncture and this accounts for the change from @20 nm width to the current value of @15 nm.  The appearance of that tiny peak resulted from the use of signal and image processing tools.

AFM of surfactant protein D