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Handing off the blame!!

Per Rosanne on the news this 30th day of May, I heard on NPR one of the best retorts to a comment attempting to reassign blame for a racist comment from self to Ambien…….  Reply from the drug company was spot on and i am sure it will become a classic quote. It went something like this….

 “Medicines have many side effects…. racism is not one of them”

medicines have many side effects but racism is not one of them

Cutest typos ever – colonary

I should be gracious, as it is common for me to make typos just the same as everyone else, but sometimes i find one that just tickles me. This, in a book whose editor is japanese, just was so cute i had to list it. The “L” “R” thing is quite evident. And while this is a post about a typo, i still give praise to anyone who is fluent in more than one language, power to them. This is just for a smile. Being an anatomist, i wondered if somehow i had missed this special type of arterial disease of the colon; I did google the word… nope, google thought it should be “coronary” as well.

Lysosomes, diagrams, hysterical typo

hysterical typo on scientific diagramI hope I am able to laugh at my mistakes, as this individual needs to laugh at their typo.  What…  ha ha… a lysosomal rapture…. no kidding,  waiting for the rapture myself, and hoping to be among those taken into the ether.  Just in case you missed it…. lysosomal rupture would be, i must presume, what was intended.

Perhaps this book chapter is source of the “rapture”